H.I.T.T. SHIELD (High Impact Transfer Technology)

Hitt Shield “Defender”™ Skull CapHITT Shield non-Newtonian dilatant fluid (NDF) engineered for protective headgear that significantly reduces impact on the skull during collisions.

Patented: Under Helmet Safety Enhancement • Concussion Mitigation Protection

“Defender” (2mm thickness) is proven in an independent testing lab report to produce four times more protection against head injury and concussions than any other brand on the market today. 
Defender and Defender Pro is worn directly on the head and will fit under any helmet.
At a thickness of only 2mm, our High Impact Transfer Technology (HITT) NDF™ protection product demonstrates up to 80% (I removed the plus sign because it is either up to or more than but can’t be both) reduction in both linear and rotational impacts.  HITT Shield NDF™ performed better than every other enhanced head protection solution in market for use in sports, law enforcement, SWAT, riot control, military and many other applications.  (I also removed the slashes and unnecessary capitalization in the previous sentence)

  • 4X more protection than closest market competition
  • Fully adjustable – one-size-fits-all
  • Machine washable
  • Uses wicker polyester for sweat management
  • Constructed with global patented NDF™
  • Customization Color and Printing Available

HITT Shield Defender™ & Defender PRO – Skull Caps are the solution for any sport or activity where head protection is priority.
If you want the best impact protection against concussions, sub-concussive injuries, CTE and all other traumatic brain injuries, HITT Shield’s NDF™ protection is the solution for you.

Independent Lab Report

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